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  1. Woot woot! Always good to get that new car smell
  2. Fair enough, I just struggle to see the point of parking sensors let alone cameras on a mini hatch. But a bit like my allroad, I could have specified the exact car I wanted. But there was one at the docks in almost the spec I wanted. Just the addition of the Tech Pack I would not have paid for, although it does include the rather useful wireless charging dock for my phone. My main preferences where for the Sport, in Tornado Grey with Atlas (light/beige) leather and the 20" double 5 spoke wheels. This one added the Tech pack and painted wheel arches, so I snapped it up.
  3. Park pack on a Polo.........really?
  4. He might be right. I think it depends on the actual bloke who comes to pick it up. Some are more fussy than others.
  5. I'd seriously consider a Polo Gti. It's the kind of car I tend to like. Small, sporty, well built and nippy enough. Having said that, I'm really loving the A6 allroad, which is none of those things other than well built ohh and it's faster than just nippy too.
  6. So when do you get the Polo?
  7. Well that's the issue. I knew that Merc charged £70 per wheel and that would be what I'd have paid to get them done in any case. So I decided not to bother, worked in my favour. Not just the money, but the hassle. If you're happy to pay, then you may as well get it done, as the way it looks they might start claiming it was a bodged repair. Could end up being a bit of a pain.
  8. Mmm, bit of a pain that. They will clearly pick those up. It depends on how the rest of the car is, and what their policy is. I had two nasty kerbed diamond cut alloys on my SLK. The bloke said that the rest of the car was so good, he'd let the wheels go. 2 smart repairs would cost what... about £140? How much might they re-charge?
  9. Email me
  10. If that's all, I wouldn't bother.
  11. Crikey, lucky lad! Lets hope the BHA don't fleece you for silly "repairs"
  12. Had a similar kind of "how do they do that?" deal with a Fiat Panda I had a couple of years ago. Adding all of the payments up, it just didn't make any sense. £89 per month X 48, £99 deposit and a final payment of £2300. The list price was around £11k???
  13. Shit, sorry to hear that mate.
  14. Sorry sTTu........ 7!
  15. Solid 5.