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  1. Tough times Mark, I live in Aberdeen and loads of people in a similar boat up here. House prices have nosedived. Hope you get through it.
  2. Me! 🙂
  3. Most odd folks. A few admin tasks it tells me I don't have permission for but had before. I'll flag to IPB. Ref images, are you still able to link to images with IMG tags? Could be folder permissions this end, but if hosted elsewhere (Photobucket) might let you share error msgs.
  4. Meh, 3
  5. OK, update to IPB v4 now complete ... site will look quite different, no time for spit & polish I'm afraid, stuck with standard skin for now. I'll upload the logo at some point. Let me know if you have any problems.
  6. What a transformation, that looks fabulous!!
  7. Hi folks, Apologies for the forum outage over the past week. The issue itself was fairly minor, and has been resolved fairly quickly, however the delay in resolving has been entirely down to me. Alas I have been completely snowed under with work (new system launch this weekend), and dealing with some personal issues, so simply didn't get time to look at things until yesterday. So, the forum is back up and running but (at least for me) appears to be running like a bit of a dog and there seem to be some odd functionality and navigational issues. I've been speaking to both IPB (forum software provider) and our hosting company about identifying and resolving the PHP issue, and if these issues persist I'll get back on the case ... maybe it just needs time to settle in. I have asked IPB to upgrade us to the latest forum software as that needed doing anyway, and will hopefully iron out the current performance issues and also some of the functionality problems a few of us have been experiencing for a while (posting, etc.) I'll keep you posted on progress ... let me know if there are any specific issues or problems you're still encountering since the outage. Thanks, Chris
  8. Catching this late, 4 for me
  9. Five for me this week
  10. Ah, cool. Bluuuuuuuue!
  11. A modest 4
  12. Aw, poor Frank. Seems like he's dodged a bullet though. And poor Brittan, hope you recover swiftly 🙂
  13. Another 3 here
  14. Nice one 🙂 Are you going to post some pics of your undercarriage, so to speak 😉