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  1. Oh blimey, that's rough Marky - Hope things improve for you.
  2. Absolutely no idea how: 7/7!!
  3. Woohoo - good work Chris
  4. I'm not in the least bit surprised! Top work
  5. Been meaning to get on here to mention the Giulia as we had one parked at the end of road for a few days last week. What a great looking car! The guy actually works for BMW so they have a couple of brand new BMs on the drive every six months, but the Alfa topped them all in the looks department... apart from maybe the M4... but what a sound - fantastic exhaust note as he left for work in the morning. I actually let him out in front of me a couple of times, just so I could hear him pull away!
  6. I've driven my colleagues C350e a few times now and the power is great! the initial pull in Sport+ mode is ridiculous! 0-60 is around 5.7 I believe - not too shabby at all I reckon it's not a bad looker either, and inside, it's a world of tech. Not sure I would seriously consider one if it was an option, as I'm still not convinced that I'm ready for a Merc estate just yet, but definitely worth a look-see if you're in that market . One weird thing though - the heated seats are on by default if it's cold outside... but it doesn't use the seatbelt sensor to switch off the passenger one when there's no passenger... and you can't turn it off from the driver's side (unless you have long arms!) Probably only a minor gripe, but I just find it a bit odd!
  7. Yep - ditto!
  8. Ditto
  9. Really well appointed for a little car - looks like fun! How on earth can the engine be in the back with 4 doors as well?! Clever stuff
  10. Not too bad... 34
  11. And it's faster than it was too
  12. Good man! Yay! Hey sporTTy!
  13. Are we allowed to see pics?
  14. Sounds like Massa may be going back to Williams... as long as Bottas takes the Merc seat....
  15. 7/15 Result: 46% Mixture of guesses, educated guesses and a couple I actually knew!