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  1. I took Frank for his MoT test this morning and the result was another pass with no advisory items. That was the 22nd time I've taken him for the test as he now approaches 24 years old.
  2. Reasonable 5
  3. I've had the same slowness but including before the outage. Opening the forum from a bookmark - very slow. Same for opening a section of the forum, and opening a post. Same on two different browsers. After the forum was back on line this slowness had reduced considerably, so I thought the update or changes has resolved the issue. Nope, it quickly reverted to as bad as before. I tried to post this earlier, text only, but after it hanging for a while after pressing submit reply I got a different error message so I closed the tab. On trying to access the forum again it was unavailable. Edit - this took ages to post while the submit reply button said 'saving'.
  4. Yes, same here too. Trying to upload a picture to the forum also gets that error message, and so does posting a link to a picture hosted elsewhere (photobucket in my case). I was trying to post a screen grab of the error message . . . . . .
  5. I knew the answer to only one question - but scored 4.
  6. Double Meh, also 3
  7. Late for me too, and 7
  8. I've been hard at work decorating, tiling, papering, flooring and sleeping. Excuses done. Scored 1
  9. My thought exactly!
  10. Four.
  11. VERY. I fell asleep.
  12. Also F I V E
  13. Looks like there are several others who do not like that car! And the rev limiter doesn't work properly.
  14. Thanks Arne. I got the standard letter from the other chap's insurer today; offering to repair my vehicle and give me a no-cost like-for-like hire car etc. I think insurance companies now try to get in quick with their hire car offer, before I have chance to employ an Accident Management Company. I'll have to give them a call on Monday - given the damage to their insured's VW Transporter I expect they doubt there's no damage to mine.
  15. Thanks for the comments chaps. Frank defended his honour very well. The reflector stuck on the LH end of the bumper has a chip on one edge and the rear door mounted spare wheel must have been pushed inwards as the tyre tread has made some marks on the door skin. The clearance between the tyre and door is as normal though, so it must have just popped back out, and the door opens and shuts as normal. Even better, I'm feeling much less sore this morning.