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  1. Sounds bad Marky. As NaughTTy says - hope things improve for you, and soon.
  2. If I try to use an emoticon, insert a pic etc, I get an error report: "403 Forbidden Server configuration does not allow access to this page. Return to home page"
  3. Finally a solid 5 from me as well.
  4. I came late on this one - and scored a lousy 2....
  5. Just testing to see if the upload function for pics works... ...and it does not? It seems to upload from my phone, but then I get an error message...
  6. Very nice - thanks!
  7. A lousy 2 for me as well. Just as bad as the Easter weather has been
  8. Woo - 5 for me too
  9. That looks like a very nice event
  10. I am usually an optimistic person, and the above comments are the only positive I can agree on (and find) at the moment. It is good to see that Ferrari seem to be competetive with Merc, and I do agree that Melbourne is a difficult track for overtaking. However the increased downforce and higher curve speeds combined with shorter brakeing distance and reduced top speed will probably make it even more difficult to overtake than what it was - and it was hard enough before. So I am struggling a bit with my optimisme, but I will still give it the benefit of doubt for a few more races
  11. Spoiler allert....! Watching the race while typing - 15 laps to go. Lots of mods on the 17' cars. More downforce, wider tires, higher curve speeds, and the result is...... BOORING......
  12. THREE
  13. That is probably shot from the start-up sequence
  14. He-he... I took my car out for the first "real" trip today, and it was so fun It is still rather cold (+2 celsius), so the rear is pretty lose when giving some throttle. That's one of the reasons it's so fun I can't see how I could ever get tired of this car - specially since it is in storage every winter, and it's almost like getting a new car every spring
  15. I like that car