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One for the autoUNITY newbies!

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First up, thanks for joining - it's great to see a good mix of cars and people supporting the forum :rofl:


Just a quick heads up to point you in the direction of the different forum Skins. These are available so that all members can choose a look and feel to suit their own tastes and requirements



These are selectable from the drop-down menu at the far bottom left of the board and the various options are:


  • autoUNITY Skin - this is the daddy! :D An impressively slick skin with user selectable backgrounds (via the paintbucket icon near the top right)
  • autoUNITY Lite - a similar vibe to the main autoUNITY Skin, but with less processing requirement B)
  • Lighter than Lite! - as autoUNITY Lite, but with reduced graphical content :D
  • Default Skin - this is the basic skin provided by the forum software :)
  • autoUNITY Lo-Fi - very low-res basic skin for very slow connections / machines :laughing:



The more inquisitive ones amongst you may have also seen the

of the new "autoUNITY Bright" skin currently being worked on behind the scenes - we're hoping to roll that out very soon as another option for you


Thanks for your support!



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