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Good morning folks,


We wonder if you could spare us some time, as we're looking for a little assistance from our lovely members.


The forum has been running for a number of years now, and thanks to the efforts of some dedicated volunteers and input from you fine people we've managed to build a friendly, fun forum which we hope is a little different from the usual web haunts many of us have frequented in the past.


We've a solid core of committed members, friends who visit regularly to hang out and shoot the breeze, and this is producing a healthy level of activity on the forum ... there's a nice buzz about the place, everyone's of a similar mind, and we'd like to share what's great about autoUNITY with more like-minded people if we can.


Much of our initial membership came here through disenchantment with another forum we used to frequent, subsequently many others have been sent our way by the Janitor whilst on his travels around other forums researching other vehicles he's been interested in, and the odd person has found us through referral or good fortune in other ways.


Few others on the Management Team have the time to frequent other forums to help build our profile, we've tried our hand at social networking but that needs a committed approach and is something of a scattergun approach at best, and we seem to find the best way to get our name out there is simply word of mouth.


As the forum is funded solely out of the pockets of the Admin Team (we have no 'sponsors', our 'partners' help us in other ways of a reciprocal profile raising nature) we do not have any budget for advertising or promotional materials (beyond that which our partners are able to assist with) and so it really is just a question of getting out there and banging the drum.


Do you frequent other forums? Would it be acceptable to mention us here and there? We're not advocating poaching members from other forums, we don't want to upset anyone, simply if you think someone may enjoy what we do here then send them our way if it won't get you in hot water ... some forums are fine with an open forum recommendation to check another forum out, others are very guarded although in those cases a quiet PM to someone who's having a hard time or not enjoying their current forum as much as they could may be acceptable. Do you have friends who are into cars that might enjoy hanging out at aU? We may be car nuts, but we like other stuff too.


Every now and again we just like to give everyone a nudge to see if we can't all help keep the forum bubbling along, we've some lovely people on board who've settled in nicely and we'd hope will stay with us for some time to come, even more lovely people would just enhance the vibe!


If anyone has any suggestions to help us build on the good work done to date, to assist us in growing what is now an established and vibrant little community, this would all be gratefully received.


Many thanks, peace and love :143:


Chris, Clive and Steve

The autoUNITY Admin Team

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I'll see what I can do :banghead:


Lively debates are always more fun and more informative when there is a wider cross-section of participants of varying ilk and interests :143:



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