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autoUNITY Moderator Elections - Nominations Please

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The autoUNITY Moderator Elections






Hi gang :)


As many of our longer term members will be aware, we like to take a democratic approach to moderator appointment here at autoUNITY, allowing the members to select those whom they feel would do the best job. The time has come again to elect representatives once more, although there will be a few changes.


Since our recent brush with closure a couple of things have become apparent. One is that we recognise we are at present just a small forum with a core of dedicated members, and that whilst we have high hopes these may be unattainable for a multi-marque forum lacking any promotional budget. Bearing that in mind it's become obvious that there is little actual "management" required at present, and that it would be just as easy (perhaps preferable) to discuss important forum related matters with the wider membership instead. Therefore those elected will simply become "moderators" instead, and also the team will drop from 4 to 2 to reflect the general lack of moderation required on a forum frequented by such decent sorts. :)


Clearly this means that whatever happens at least 2 members of the current team will be retiring after the elections, and we'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of the members to thank everyone on the present team for their efforts and support during their term (which for some has been a considerable time!) :grouphug:


So, down to business. Nominations for moderators are now open, if you feel you have what it takes please throw your name in the hat, an open election amongst the membership will decide who is awarded the posts :thumbsup:


There are of course a few basic prerequisites for potential candidates to meet, simply to confirm an identifiable level of commiment and strength of character :)


Candidates must:


  • Have been an autoUNITY Member for more than two months
  • Have contributed a minimum of 100 posts (this is certainly not to ignore or devalue anyone with less than that number, but we're sure everyone can appreciate the benefit of an identified level of involvement in the Forum thus far)
  • Be able to operate within a committee (whilst many decisions and discussions will be put before the wider membership, day to day matters will still be dealt with by the moderators in conjunction with the Admin Team, thus this is an important factor in being able to offer and receive discussion and support a majority outcome)
  • Contribute regularly to topics and actively seek content to share with the Forum (despite acknowledging our current position we do still want to ensure the members we have stick around and where possible the forum continues to grow, this is key to our ongoing survival)
  • Carry out appropriate Moderation tasks and enforce the Rules of the Forum
  • Offer your input and comment to matters affecting the forum being discussed in private with the Admin Team, and in public with the membership as a whole
  • Lead by example and also have the ability to maintain discretion / confidentiality on certain matters



If you feel the above criteria applies to you, then the process for putting yourself forward is as follows:


  1. Have one further careful think about the commitment required ... Moderators have a duty to perform, it's an important role to be taken seriously, it's not intended to be a mark of status
  2. Ensure your candidacy is valid by meeting the above requirements
  3. Nominate yourself by sending a PM to The Admin Team indicating your willingness to stand for election to the autoUNITY Management Team
  4. Seriously consider preparing a short (one para) Election Manifesto to help convince the members why you would make a good Moderator :thumbsup: ... PM this to the The Admin Team and we'll include it on the ballot 'paper' for the polling booth.


Existing Management Team members are entitled to stand for re-election as Moderators (though clearly there will be less posts going forward) and the closing date for all candidate entries is 12:00noon, Tuesday 22nd November 2011.


The 'autoUNITY Polling Booth' will then be opened soon afterward for every autoUNITY Member (regardless of time on the forum or post count) to cast two separate votes in support of their Primary and Secondary choices for Moderator (primary and secondary choices will be weighted with 5 or 3 points accordingly).


The poll with close at 12:00noon on Tuesday 29th November 2011 and the results will be announced soon after. The two candidates receiving the most cumulative points will be promoted to Moderator with requisite forum permissions in short order.


Note: In the event that there are no more than two candidates, those who have put themselves forward will be promoted to Moderator by default.




The Admin Team

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Someone has enquired as to exactly what's involved in being a moderator, so I thought I'd post some more info ... in truth very little is actually required, largely due to the fact we have such a nice group of members who share similar values of respect and community, intervention is rarely required from a disciplinary perspective but occasionally a post or thread may appear in the wrong place and need to be moved.


In theory the role entails:

  • Upholding the values of autoUNITY (respect, friendship, community) and leading by example
  • Stepping in when members do not respect the values of autoUNITY, e.g. when personal attacks occur or arguments/discussions become unpleasant
  • Ensuring nothing illegal or seriously offensive (such as racist content or hardcore pornography) is posted on the forum
  • Moving anything potentially offensive or unsuitable for work to The Bar and marking as NSFW is necessary
  • Hiding / locking threads whilst a discussion can be held on appropriate action to take
  • Ensuring the forum advertising rules are observed, no commercial promotion is allowed without agreement
  • Providing assistance to members (new & old) on the functions of the site, for example how to post a pic or a video, how to use PM, etc. (which by definition means you must understand these things yourself)
  • Providing meaningful input to discussions involving matters affecting the forum - be it strategy, future, disciplinary - either in private with fellow moderators / Admin Team, or with the wider membership
  • Having the confidence to act and address issues in support of the Admin Team and particularly in their absence


The reality is that very little of these roles need to be fulfilled on a regular basis ... we simply do not have many problems due to the nature of the people who frequent the forum. We have had idiots and chancers on the forum in years gone by, whom we've dealt with fairly and given them a chance to toe the line, but ultimately if they couldn't play nice they were shown the door.


Most often you'll find someone will add a risque picture to a post in the Lounge necessitating the post is moved to the Bar with an NSFW tag in the title, or simply someone may have posted in entirely the wrong forum ... like posting about an Audi Q5 in the coupe board, or posting about an Event they've been to in the Events section (the Events section is for events you're organising or which are pending, stuff you've been to and want to share with others should go in the Lounge).


It looks and sounds like a lot, but in reality the actual work involved is very minimal. There aren't even regular back room discussions like there were in the old days, the forum has settled down nicely and we pretty much know what we're about now.


The single over-riding factor is understanding that whilst there may not be a lot to do it is still an important role, Clive and I can't be everywhere at once, or on here all the time, and so we need extra eyes just to monitor things and ensure all is well ... thus you need to be someone who frequents the forum regularly enough to have an idea what's going on, you should certainly be a daily visitor (week days at least), and be checking the site a few times each day ... whether that means you're permanently online of an evening, or just checking in every couple of hours from work doesn't really matter - as long as you have some clear presence on the forum, that's sufficient. There are many, for example, who are on here far more often than I am and I help run the place, so there's balance obvioisly. All too often you see members listed as mods on forums, and they've not been seen for months or even years ... that's no use to anyone.


Ideally we'd like moderators to take a little more interest, but not to the point where it feels like an unwelcome obligation ... things like ensuring you welcome noobs (which EVERYONE does regardless) and contributing what you can in terms of new content to keep people interested and coming back.


I can assure anyone who's interested that it's far from onerous ... you're just lending a little extra support to the Admin Team for the benefit of the members, to ensure things run smoothly at all times.


Perhaps existing MT members can share their experience?


One final point is that whilst an elected moderator would serve for a year, no one is obligated to serve a full term and if anyone wants to step down at any stage they're certainly able to, with no hard feelings - we would simply hold a by-election for the vacated position for someone to serve the remainder of the term.

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Yep, backing Chris 100% on what he has said. I am the longest standing "Mod" on this forum and both of it's previous incarations.


It's rarely a chore and it's always been great to have been involved as a part of this lovely place. Can't help thinking it's perhaps time for some new blood to push things on maybe?


So, come on! Don't be shy - Give it a go or get stuck with us again :veryangry:

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I generally feel guilty about how little we have to do on the moderation front, everyone has been so nice since I've been a member :veryangry: . It is great to be involved in the running of aU though, even if it doesn't take a huge amount of effort.

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