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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to autoUNITY :smiley-greet024:

We are an automative based forum with its emphasis firmly on the people who create an enthusiastic, friendly and respectful community, regardless of what car they drive!

Those basic core values are held very highly here and members enjoy an outstanding vibe and atmosphere. The aim is to share this with all members (existing or new) and in order to do this effectively and consistently, we ask that everyone is aware of our Charter, respects it and enjoys everything that the forum can bring

When you sign up be an autoUNITY member, you agree to observe the Charter and Rules. We are committed to maintaining an amiable, civil and orderly forum and it is hoped that should any enforcement be necessary, it takes place in the background with minimal fuss or drama. Any Member(s) who violates the Rules and Guidelines set out below will be reprimanded, suspended or banned

To encourage open participation, members with less than 25 posts will not be able to access the Personal Messaging system or have the ability to email other members. Members below this threshold (autoUNITY Novice members) will also not be able to list items for sale either, although they are able to respond to existing offers. Once 25 posts have been made, automatic promotion to full autoUNITY Member gives full access to these additional facilities

The intention of course is to cover most potential issues and scenarios within these Rules, although occasionally a matter may arise which takes discretion and discussion to resolve - to that end the Forum Admin hereby reserve the right to amend these guidelines as and when required. In any event, decisions taken by the Forum Admin are final

The Rules of autoUNITY

General Behaviour
  • Be polite and courteous at all times. Consider how the written word comes across. There's no excuse for rudeness, if you can't say it nicely, don't say it
  • Personal attacks, rudeness, flaming, baiting, insults to others, or arguments will not be tolerated. Open debate and the challenging of others' points of view and opinions are part and parcel of forums, but members will be required to conduct themselves respectfully and thoughtfully. Should the autoUNITY Management elect to intervene, appropriate action will be employed and Members who are deemed to have crossed the line handled accordingly
  • A suitable level of decency is encouraged on autoUNITY. Members are required to use appropriate judgement when choosing user names, avatars, or images to post. Swearing / bad language should be limited to ‘The Bar’ forum section. Any thread with questionable content should be labelled as such with the topic title also carrying *NSFW* (not safe for work). If the post is not deemed appropriate, suitably marked or reported, a member of the autoUNITY Management may change, edit or delete your post accordingly
  • The autoUNITY Management will endeavour to keep all objectionable content off the forum - however, we cannot be responsible for message content. All messages express the views of the author. Neither the Forum Admin or autoUNITY Management Team accept any responsibility for the views expressed within this forum by the author
  • The autoUNITY Management may remove, edit, move, or close topics they feel do not follow the rules. The Rules are present to ensure consistency and an even-handed running of the forum for the benefit of all members - if anyone seeks to break the Rules, appropriate action will be taken
  • Any member who threatens anyone on the forum, via Personal Message or by Email, will be banned immediately without notice. Our decision will always be final in such matters
  • Anyone under the age of 13 will be required to seek permission from their parent or guardian in order to gain membership to autoUNITY. We will require that a parent or guardian provides expressed permission before membership is accepted
  • Each autoUNITY member is only allowed one login account. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Registering an additional account to overcome a suspension will result in a longer or permanent ban
  • Dormant accounts (i.e. those which have made no posts within the last 12 month period) will be deleted
  • The use of Business names are restricted to Official autoUNITY Partners only. If an autoUNITY user name is deemed to be Business related, it will be edited or deleted
  • Original content submitted to the forum is automatically surrendered for fair and reasonable use throughout the forum. Explicit permission will not be required to repost content elsewhere on the forum, nor to retain content on the forum indefinitely. The forum will generally not entertain requests to remove content except where it specifically breaches the rules (the Forum Admin retain the right to exercise discretion in this regard). Permission must be sought and granted from the copyright owner before any information or photographs may be used off-site
  • autoUNITY cannot be held responsible for anything you personally do or carry out as a result of information or advice obtained from the forum
  • Please ensure you post in the correct forum section. Any post not in the appropriate section may be moved without notice to the correct place
  • Blatant spam is not allowed and any such threads or posts will be removed without notice
  • Should the autoUNITY Management be required to act on any breaking of the rules, the transgressor will be dealt with accordingly. This can range from a reminder of the Rules, a suspension or an instant ban. If any member repeatedly breaks the same rule, their account will be at risk of a permanent ban
  • Regard for all of the above and the Advertising Rules set out below will be required at all times

  • With the exception of Official autoUNITY Partners, only non-commercial items for sale are permitted. Specific guidelines pertaining to items for sale are outlined in the appropriate paragraph below
  • Business transactions / promotion or private sales by Personal Message is not permitted (Official autoUNITY Partners exempt)
  • Promotion of business name, related website, email address, telephone number or forum is not permitted within your autoUNITY signature, avatar, profile or forum posts (Official autoUNITY Partners exempt)
  • There is no ban on mentioning other forums, but clear advertising or repeated bumping of threads containing a web address linked to a product or service will not be accepted
  • Subliminal advertising, such as "How much is my car worth?" or ‘Help me with my website’ type threads, photographs containing business names and logos on vehicles or clothing will be assessed and may be removed if deemed unacceptable
  • Advertising with links to any business, service or product (other than Official autoUNITY Partners) can be deleted at the discretion of the Forum Admin
If you are interested in Advertising on autoUNITY, please contact the Forum Admin and we will be only too happy to discuss Official autoUNITY Partnership details with you

Please note: the Forum Admin reserve the right to monitor Personal Message usage should Advertising Rules contravention be suspected

Please note: Members who are not Official autoUNITY Partners will not be able to offer any links to services in a thread relating to the specific subject to which an autoUNITY Partner has already responded

Also note: To ensure the interests of Official autoUNITY Partners are protected, the Forum Admin reserve the right to monitor the Personal Messaging facility

Items for sale
  • With the exception of Official autoUNITY Partners, only non-commercial items for sale are permitted
  • A personal sale may include any used items and the odd new item, but recurring multiples will not be permitted (autoUNITY Partners are exempt from this requirement)
  • Under no circumstances are personal sales allowed to be touted by Private Message
  • Any item for sale must be accompanied by a photograph of the goods being sold, along with the seller’s autoUNITY forum name written on a piece of paper (autoUNITY Partners are exempt from this requirement)
  • All negotiations are to be done on the thread - no Private Messages allowed. This is to ensure transparency and to prevent anything 'underhand' taking place. (Note: Use of the Personal Messaging facility for exchanges linked to sales is permitted only for the submission of personal / sensitive details such as delivery address and / or bank details etc)
  • Abuse of these Guidelines may result in the loss of your right to list items for sale
  • If you have a problem with a transaction or the thread goes off topic, please contact the Forum Admin
  • Whilst we will assist in any disputes within a personal sale, autoUNITY accept no responsibility (legal or otherwise) for any transactions

Group Buys
  • Prior to any member setting up any Group Buy, permission must be sought from the Forum Admin It is unlikely that permission will be given if what is proposed is in conflict with the products supplied by an Official autoUNITY autoUNITY Partners
  • Prior to setting up any Group Buy, the Group Buy organiser is to supply the Forum Admin with their full name, address and contact details
  • With the exception of Official autoUNITY Partners, a minimum post count of 50 and a minimum membership duration of 3 months will be required before any member is allowed to organise a Group Buy
  • The full Group Buy description must clearly contain a total price (including shipping), together with an outline timescale
  • Group Buys must not exceed 65 days. This is to allow for Paypal disputes or Credit Card charge backs etc
  • Whilst we will assist in any disputes within a Group Buy, autoUNITY accept no responsibility (legal or otherwise) for any transactions

If you're in any doubt about the advertising rules, or you feel something you have to offer may be of benefit to the members, please consult the Forum Admin first - don't just post an ad and hope for the best, it will be deleted if it contravenes the rules. Consider the analogy of a shop window; if you consult the shopkeeper he may let you place your ad in his window, if you don't you will only antagonise him and he will remove your ad

  • Any post or thread may be removed at the discretion of any autoUNITY Management Team member without informing the author of the reason. Communication and understanding is encouraged, but if the breaking of a rule is wholly clear cut or immediate action deemed necessary, the decision will be final

  • The Forum Admin or autoUNITY Management Team accept no responsibility for any information that is posted by members that could result in legal action against that member
  • Any defamatory comments made on autoUNITY are those of the post writer and not of the forum owners or administration team. We will accept no responsibility for any defamatory comments made by members that could result in legal action against that member
  • Official autoUNITY Partners are entities in their own right and we accept no responsibility (legal or otherwise) for any work carried out by that party, transactions entered into or disagreements that may occur - these must be handled directly by the parties concerned

Your understanding and respect is appreciated by all :grouphug:

Forum Admin